WATCH: 2018 midterms shake up Washington

WATCH: 2018 midterms shake up Washington

  • Now Playing: Georgia gubernatorial candidate speaks out

  • Now Playing: Stacey Abrams gives an enthusiastic speech, stays in the race

  • Now Playing: 2018 midterms shake up Washington

  • Now Playing: DNC Chairman on House win, Senate loss

  • Now Playing: Will Nancy Pelosi become Speaker of the House?

  • Now Playing: Arizona’s historic Senate race too close to call

  • Now Playing: Beto O’Rourke concedes: ‘I’m as inspired, I’m as hopeful as I’ve ever been’

  • Now Playing: Long voter lines in Los Angeles, CA

  • Now Playing: Hawley to defeat McCaskill in Missouri: Projection

  • Now Playing: Did each party trend for a tie?

  • Now Playing: Mike Muse shares his analysis on Florida’s gov. results

  • Now Playing: What it means for Democrats’ control of the House

  • Now Playing: Rashida Tlaib to become the first Muslim-American woman in Congress

  • Now Playing: Andrew Gillum gives concession speech

  • Now Playing: Kellyanne Conway: President is prepared to work across the aisle with Dems

  • Now Playing: Sen. Kevin Cramer said failure to ban late-term abortions inspired him to run

  • Now Playing: How 2018 midterm election results reflect the nation’s division

  • Now Playing: Sen. Joe Manchin expected to win re-election

  • Now Playing: Ron DeSantis to become Florida governor after Andrew Gillum concedes

  • Now Playing: Democrats take control of the House

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